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Friday night at the movies

Here are a few of my favorite Portuguese film titles. Beautiful bold type in b&w. Designers unknown (as they are not credit).

From above: Nazaré (1952), Sol e Touros (1949) and Chaimite (1953).

+ British Film Institute

Opener illustration for Sight & Sound, the magazine of British Film Institute. 2010, a year in review.

A Man Could Get Killed

Stills from the opening of ‘A man could get killed’ (1966), directed by Ronald Neame and Cliff Owen. They show the TAP Sud SE-210 Caravelle landing in Lisbon airport. Pretty times. You may watch it here.

B&W movie

Cinema Alvalade, built in 1953 and projected by architect Lima Franco. Demolished in 1983. Photos by Mário Novais.